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Judy at work getting Caught telling someone else’s story as her own

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On Tuesday Judy at work (not to be confused with Aunty Judy from home) regaled the office with a great story about how she tried getting the kids to go to the beach with her. But after they scoffed at her offers of getting the most out of a sunny day in favour of playing on their XboxStations and iPhone-a-jiggers she took the internet router with her to the beach instead.

The story was great and really brightened up my Tuesday. However, after bringing this ballsy and creative story to my friends for 2nd hand enjoyment one of the lads brought this story to my attention being impressed that she had made national news!

The story is eerily similiar in all the major details, and it happened on Sunday. Also! ALSO Judy doesn’t live in Australia. Judy had almost no time to do a copycat stunt, leading me to believe she lifted the story entirely and claimed it as her own.

Pray for Judy as she gets sent to HR for trying to juice up her life with lies. Crime doesn’t pay.

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