About Us

In this interconnected age, when the impact of hate and violence can spread across the globe in seconds, we believe in giving people from all around the world the chance to join together for good. While offering up thoughts and prayers is a very real answer to the horrific acts taking place almost daily in otherwise blessed nations, a small group of dedicated well wishers decided that this wasn’t enough. They had a mission to bring a sense of global community to these outpourings of love and sympathy. And so Thoughts & Prayers was born. Seize the opportunity to see the true change that your hope for a better world can effect.

No matter your faith, or lack of it, we all have the chance to take a stand against these senseless acts. They say that evil flourishes when good men do nothing. So make your voice heard. Add your thoughts and prayers to those of countless others today.

How It Works

Anyone is able to anonymously post to T&Ps here. After that a button is generated that allows people to send their thoughts and prayers. Total prayers are counted at the top of all these conduits.

All causes are also sent to the Steemit blockchain, which is the easiest place for the universe to find it and make good things happen.